Advocating for Naperville Families


Families First

Naperville may be a large city, but we love it because it feels like a smaller, safe neighborhood-centric community. People move to Naperville to raise their families, and they stay here to nourish lifelong friendships and take part in their grandchildren's lives.

I’m running for City Council because I want to preserve the well-being of families as the cornerstone of Naperville’s character and development. When Naperville supports its families, the city grows more robust. Commerce is well represented on City Council today. I believe the needs and concerns of Naperville families require strong representation as well.

I own a career advising firm, I hold an MBA. Having spent most of my career in corporate, I’m familiar with business and budgets. That experience gives me an understanding of why it’s important to advocate for people, and to prioritize the interests and well-being of Naperville families ahead of the interests of for-profit entities.

I am a Napervillian who loves my hometown, who benefited greatly by being raised here and cares deeply about civic involvement and Naperville’s kids, parents, and seniors. The City Council is responsible for solving problems that affect Naperville families and planning for our city’s future, and I will help make decisions that keep our children safe, our city vibrant, and our environment sustainable, so that one day I can help raise my grandchildren here too.

As important as what I want to do, is how I plan to do it: