What is good for the people of Naperville, is good for the city of Naperville.


My priorities:


Sustainable Development

  • More affordable housing options for Naperville seniors who are ‘downsizing’ from their family homes, and for younger professionals early in their careers. Naperville should strive to make these types of housing options at least 10% of our housing stock.

  • New construction that meets present needs, while maintaining the integrity and stability of natural resources. Development with foresight will ensure the well-being of future Naperville residents.

  • Naperville School Districts 203 and 204 are world class education systems and a driver for people to choose Naperville. The city can protect the integrity of our schools by ensuring new development does not result in overcrowding nor underfunding them.

  • Residents’ voices matter. The city council must hear and address the concerns of the residents who live near proposed new developments. The council should allow sufficient time for resolution of resident concerns before new zoning or development is formally approved.


Resident Safety

  • The health and well-being of Naperville families, now and in the future, depends on safe, clean and affordable water. The city must continue to ensure our water supply is safe through consistent monitoring and protection from pollutants and disruptions. We must also maintain well-negotiated agreements with the DuPage Water Commission.

  • Naperville residents should not have to fear gun violence, especially in our schools, churches or community spaces. I support banning assault weapons sales and possession in Naperville except for police and active military personnel.

  • Naperville is home to many residents with disabilities. The city must consider these varied needs in all development and public works projects and support initiatives which make the city safer and more accessible to all residents.

  • Naperville police and fire departments should continue to get adequate funding and staffing to handle a variety of emergency situations, including school violence, extreme weather events, suicide, drug overdoses, mental illness, and domestic abuse. Our police officers and fire fighters must have the tools and training needed to be competent, safe and compassionate when dealing with community members.


Government Transparency

  • Elected officials serve residents and must always work for the best interests of the community. City council members must serve with transparency, accountability and honesty. As such, city council members should recuse themselves from votes that economically benefit their business, their family members or any entity from which they receive campaign donations.

  • The city should continue to set and meet challenging, achievable goals regarding public safety, efficient services and economic prosperity. All city council decisions must be made in integrity with these goals, and the city council, along with city management, must hold themselves publicly accountable for results. The current Mission and Ends statement and scorecards can be found here.


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Naperville’s reserves, debt, revenues, and expenditures must be wisely managed to ensure our utilities and infrastructure is well maintained, city services are efficient and we meet our pension obligations.

  • Risks to city infrastructure and finances, such as natural disasters or economic recessions, must be anticipated and adequately mitigated so that Naperville families are not overburdened by unplanned debt or taxes.


Naperville Train Station / 5th Avenue

  • Thousands of Naperville residents depend on train transportation to get to and from their jobs. Before any major decisions are made with developers in the 5th Avenue area, we need an effective solution for the backlogged demand for commuter parking at or near the train station.

  • Development in and around 5th Avenue should complement the surrounding neighborhoods. Building “up” often puts the safety of people and pets in jeopardy, may significantly decrease natural light and open green spaces and detract from the neighborhood character of Naperville.

  • Before city council approval, any mix of development between commercial and residential plans must be studied to ensure it actually meets demonstrated needs and demands of the Naperville community.